Why do we specify the altitude of coffee for our single origins ?

You might notice that many of our specialty coffees has the altitude specified in the description.

This is because the altitude a beans was grown at has a significant effect on the taste and the quality of the coffee bean. At high altitude, temperatures are lower, and it is this cooler environment which has a major impact on the growing coffee and also the taste of the coffee bean. 

Arabica coffee plants are grown between average temperatures of 16-23 degrees Celsius. The lower the temperature, typically you get more flavour in the coffee.

It is very simple, the cooler the temperatures mean that the beans grow slower and the fruit cherry surrounding them ripens more gradually. The slower the coffee grows, the denser the bean, and the better the flavour.

In simpler terms the extra time to develop allows for complex flavours to develop.

Also, plants grown at higher altitudes are also less susceptible to pests and disease meaning fewer defects in the crop.